Teachers of the Eternal Doctrine ~ Vol. I


                     From Tsong-Ka-Pa To Nostradamus

by Elton Hall

   ISBN 978-0983222019

  Available at Amazon.com
  in both print version and eBook editions.


Professor Elton A. Hall taught philosophy and religious studies for 40 years at Moorhead State University, California State University (Fresno), Oxnard College, and Moorpark College.  His writings have appeared in The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, The Journal of the Muhyiddin ibn al-Arabi Society, Manas, The Middle Way,and HERMES.

Raghavan Iyer founded HERMES, a journal of Theosophical Wisdom and one of several vehicles for the current behind the 7th Century Impulsion, just prior to the beginning of the 1975 Cycle in Santa Barbara, California. In that journal, he illustrated the ways in which Mahatmas have worked and continue to work in the world. In the article, The Seventh Impulsion: 1963-2000, he made clear that the Mahatmic impulsions were concentrated in the last quarter of each century, but that preparation for them occurred earlier, and that their reverberations lasted far beyond the conclusion of each quarter-century cycle. The stream of Mahatmic wisdom and guidance manifests with special intensity in those sacred periods, but the stream is unfailingly continuous.

Near the beginning of 1976, after a year of guiding the golden HERMES current, Professor Iyer determined that those thinkers and teachers most involved in the Seven Century Plan should be honored through writings that described the hidden current behind their lives and the timeless context for their work within the cycles of time. In the years following, he decided that other teachers should be similarly honored, because they were vitally instrumental in awakening human consciousness to its own divine potential. Those writings, known to the readers of HERMES magazine as the Teacher Articles, began in 1979. The method Prof. Iyer employed was to set out the general parameters for the year’s articles, and the writer to whom these articles were assigned would propose a specific list of teachers and thinkers. Professor Iyer would then review and adjust the list, and the work commenced, with generally one article appearing in each month’s issue of HERMES. As each article was written, Professor Iyer would edit it, often extensively. This is the origin of the articles in this book, and they benefitted immensely from the impress of his spiritual wisdom and discretion.

All of the Teacher Articles were written from a Theosophical perspective based, in large part, upon the philosophy expounded in H. P. Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine. In addition to Raghavan Iyer’s remarkable work, The Seventh Impulsion, this initial collection of Teacher Articles contains those that first appeared in HERMES as an exploration of the Seven Century Plan, along with several on individuals deeply involved in the same time periods in the West. Future collections will deal with other thinkers and teachers who did much to enlighten human beings throughout history.


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